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Earth Weather Inc. is an enterprise which was established to seek to harmonize the global natural environment with human lifestyles and economic activities, by making broad contributions to society through services involving the provision of meteorological information.

Nothing would please us more than to develop and improve along with companies and individuals who agree with the purposes and activities of our company.

  商号 株式会社アース・ウェザー
Trade Name:Earth Weather lnc.
所在地 〒224-0041 神奈川県横浜市都筑区仲町台1-2-20 フロンティアビル4F
Address:Frontier Bldg.,4F,1-2-20 Nakamachidai,Tsuzuki-ku,Yokohama,224-0041,Japan
設立 1992年4月28日
Founded:April 28,1992
予報許可 1993年6月25日 予報業務許可第37号
Weather Forecast License:Granted June 25,1993 Weather Forecast Business License No.37
代表者 代表取締役 森脇 亮 
Representative:Representative Director Makoto Moriwaki
資本金 95,82万5000円 
Capital:\95.825 million
TEL 045-948-2781
FAX 045-942-5534
取引銀行 みずほ銀行 あざみ野支店
Banks where company has accounts:Azamino Branch,Mizuho Bank
日本政策金融公庫 横浜支店
Banks where company has accounts:Yokohama Branch,Japan Finance Corporation
商工中金 本店
Banks where company has accounts:Main Branch,Shoko Chukin Bank

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