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沿 革 Chronology

1992 年 04 月 株式会社アース・ウェザー設立
April 1992 Earth Weather,lnc established.

1993 年 06 月 気象庁長官による予報業務許可取得
June 1993 Received Forecasting Business License from the Director-General of the Japan Meteorological Agency.

1994 年 09月 通産省の外郭団体ベンチャーエンタープライズセンターにより、
September 1994 Certified as a "FY1994 Knowledge Integration-type Debt Obligation Enterprise" by the Venture Enterprise Center(VEC),an extra-departmental body of the Ministry of International Trade and Industry(MITI).

1996 年 06 月 インターネットで局地気象予報情報の配信を開始
June 1996 Began distribution of localized meteorological forecast information via the Internet.

中小企業ニューフロンティア賞において、"ベンチャー賞" 受賞

The "Venture Prize,"among the New Frontier Prizes for small businesses.

1997 年 07 月 (財)新技術開発財団より、世界海洋バージョン
July 1997 Received a grant from the New Technology Development Foundation for development of the "Marine Navi/SUPER21"global marine version.

1997 年 12 月 神奈川県および中小企業庁より中小企業創造法認定
December 1997 Certified by Kanagawa Prefecture and the Small and Medium Enterprises.


Began developing a "Rainfall Volume Forecasting System Using GPS Electromagnetic Wave Diffusion Delay Analysis for Designated Local Areas."

1998 年  08 月 "鉄鋼会社向け構内ネットワーク対応総合気象システム"
August 1998 Began deliveries to steel companies of on-premise network response integrated meteorological systems(including condensation information systems)

2000 年 03 月 中小企業経営革新法"NOAA衛星雲除去"による助成金授与
March 2000 Under the Law for Supporting Business Innovation of Small and Medium Enterprises,received a grant for "NOAA Satellite Cloud Removal."

2000 年 08 月 東海大学海洋研究所フロンティアリサーチセンター
August 2000 Installed an antenna for reception of NOAA satellite images at the Frontier Research Center within the Institute of Oceanic Research and Development at Tokai University.

2001 年 01 月 漁業事業者向けWeb版気象海象情報"水あげ君"システムを開発
January 2001 Developed a web version of the "Mizuage Kun"("Catch Buddy") meteorological and hydrographic information system for fishing industry operators.

2001 年 03 月 富士ニュービジネス育成基金により"GPS搭載型新結露監視予測システム"
March 2001 Began developing a "GPS-installed type New Condensation Monitoring and Forecasting System" with a grant from the Fuji New Business Nurturing Fund.

2002 年 03 月 NHK連続ドラマ小説"まんてん"制作に参加
March 2002 Participated in production of the NHK serialized drama "Manten".

2004 年 02 月 米国イリジウム衛星通信のデータ・音声通信(ソフト)及び、
February 2004 Began marketing U.S. iridium satellite communications data, speech communications(software) and related equipment(hardware).

2004 年 10 月 世界版"船舶航行自動解析処理システム"の開発に着手
October 2004 Began development of a global version of the "Ship Navigation Automatic Analytical Processing System".

2005 年 02 月 米国 MODIS/AQUA 地球環境衛星によるプランクトン・水色データ処理を
February 2005 Global-scale image processing for plankton/water color data from the U.S.MODIS/AQUA global environment satellite.

2005 年 10 月 中小企業整備機構により、第1回中小企業・ベンチャー挑戦支援事業のうち、
October 2005 After being selected by the Organization for Small & Medium Enterprises and Regional Innovation,JAPAN(SME Support,JAPAN) for a grant to help start up a business operations as one of the companies selected in the 1st group of challenge support businesses among small and medium size enterprises and ventures,began moving towards business operations for the "System for Support of Optimum Ship Navigation".

2007 年 04 月 2007年4月 〜 2009年3月、東海大学海洋学部海洋研究所と、
April 2007 From April 2007 together with the Institute of Oceanic Research and Development in the School of Marine Science and Technology of Tokai University and NASA Jason/QuickSCAT commenced surveys to compute ocean currents to last through March 2009.

2011 年 04 月 横浜市経済局による中小企業研究開発促進助成
支援対象事業 重点枠 環境分野に採択される
April 2011 Selected by the Economic Affairs Bureau of the City of Yokohama as a business to be assisted through a small and medium enterprise R&D promotion grant with the emphasis framework being in the environmental sector.


Development Period:Two years(April2011−March2013)


"Development of an Energy-saving Navigation System through Satellite Ocean Current Analysis and Vessel Pitch and Roll Automatic Control Technologies"

2013 年 06 月 経済産業省地域中小企業イノベーション創出補助事業*に採択される
June 2013 Selected by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry(METI) as a business* to receive a regional small and medium enterprise innovation creation subsidy.
Development Period:July 2013−March2014


"Establishment of a System for the Provision of Safe Navigation 'Cloud' Information Delivering Maximum Energy Saving of 20% or More through Use of Ocean Current Analysis and Automatic Control Technologies"(Ocean Navi 21 System)


*During FY2013 for the technology innovation sector, METI selected 12 companies from 107 firms which had applied nationwide, with Earth Weather Inc. being selected as one of them(in the ocean environment field).

2014 年 01 月 (独)中小企業基盤整備機構の2014年度海外展開支援事業(F/S)に
採択され 、中小企業基盤整備機構の専門家及びスタッフと共に
January 2014 The Small & Medium Enterprises Innovation, JAPAN (F/S) selected to support feasibility study for "Ocean Navi 21" system demonstration at shipping lines in Singapore and won a favorable reception.

2014 年 04 月 中小企業庁の平成25年度補正中小企業・小規模事業者ものづくり・商業・
April 2014 The Small and Medium Enterprise Agency supported the development from August, 2014 to April, 2015, for the "Industrialization of original technology and its software up to max.20% of energy saving voyage routes system" (Ocean Navi 21 system)

2016 年 03 月 中小企業庁ものづくり補助金(平成25年度補正予算)支援事業の革新的サービスにおける分野で、優良事例として紹介され、内閣府のサイトに掲載される。
March 2016 Selected by a Small and Medium Enterprise Agency of METI, in the environment of innovational manufacturing Services, putting on the H.P. of Cabinet office Government of Japan,
“Ocean Navi 21”starting-up to provide the Energy-saving Navigation System reducing max. over 20% fuel consumption by their own technologies.

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